Empty Terminal

My heart is like an empty terminal Sometimes it feels things too deeply Ruthless and threatening Tender but deafening Knowing whether to stay or go Seeing things for what they do not show Waiting in line to retrieve my ticket Constantly missing every minute It’s like the runway is far too long I never make … Continue reading Empty Terminal

United We Fall

It happened over night right underneath our nose We were told to stay inside It was he who made us blind Our rights were taken one by one Fear swept over this Country before anyone could run. The sheep were masked The people were shunned Everyone conformed until there were none. Stripping our rights away … Continue reading United We Fall

Safe haven

The darkness creeps past me upon every happy space. Sometimes I get stuck between a rock and a hard place. No one can reach me. I am not she who loves in such a selfless way. My world turns cold And I feel all alone Just keep me safe.


I’m not sure what tomorrow holds. It has already been sold, so I am told By politicians and ones who don’t care. They don’t mind controlling our lives And taking what is their’s. I wonder when you will wake up and see That nobody cares about you and me.