I am always one to loose focus…

I'm a very indecisive person. My brain is always going 90 to nothing. One minute I am a wishful entrepreneur and the next, I am writing a poem that came out of left field.   That is my "normal" though. With three kids, I am constantly on the go. My thoughts are as scattered as … Continue reading I am always one to loose focus…



Maybe it isn’t a break that I need Or possibly it was just to plant a new seed. I remember growing up with dreams But everything changed as I got older it seems. The reality of life will strike you to your core Until you aren’t aware of who you are anymore. I don’t remember … Continue reading Blue

A Little Bit More About Penny Mae

"Mental Health isn't a battle to be won. It is a journey to continue walking."Lindsay adkinson My first real job was working with children and adolescents at a psychiatric hospital. When I first applied, I thought I would never get the job because I was currently a waitress at a local café. I had grown … Continue reading A Little Bit More About Penny Mae