I believed in what I wanted to see. I made you out to be someone I knew you could never be. It came down to the facts and every time you didn’t have my back. I lost myself along the way, while you kept choosing not to stay. I wish sometimes we could just coexist […]


Don't Wait

Why do we compare ourselves to others? That is a simple answer. In 2020, we have access to everyone. All it takes is a simple follow or a click of a button. I used to scroll through Facebook and look at everyone’s family vacation pictures. My kids would be sitting across the room eating their […]

Getting Through My Seperation

My marriage failed. I failed my marriage. I could say it a million different ways but in all reality it all comes down to the same results. I was nineteen when we met. We were married by the time I was twenty-one. We got married in May. We moved into our first home together with […]

A Little Bit More About Penny Mae

“Mental Health isn’t a battle to be won. It is a journey to continue walking.” Lindsay adkinson My first real job was working with children and adolescents at a psychiatric hospital. When I first applied, I thought I would never get the job because I was currently a waitress at a local café. I had […]