Dreamer’s Dream

Do we daydream to see Or do we sleep just to dream? My brain can not decipher the two But my being says just sway to the tune. Is the joke inside the story books Or in the choruses of all these sad songs? If life was merely once upon a time, I could make … Continue reading Dreamer’s Dream


Moon Walk

When you are feeling small And you feel like there is nowhere left to fall Look up at me and lace the stars Let me intertwine my hands with yours I shine brighter as you tremble The cure is in my shadow You will never truly be yours. Life runs you and I in phases … Continue reading Moon Walk


Maybe it isn’t a break that I need Or possibly it was just to plant a new seed. I remember growing up with dreams But everything changed as I got older it seems. The reality of life will strike you to your core Until you aren’t aware of who you are anymore. I don’t remember … Continue reading Blue