It’s Just Another Manic Mom-Day

“Mom Fatigue”

“Quarantine Fatigue”

“My fatigue has fatigue”

However you want to say it, one of us probably has it. 

Being home during this time has been a true blessing in disguise. I have recently had to stop reading every conspiracy theory and article floating around on my News Feed. The pandemic has managed to infect everyone’s life and minds. Speaking of, here I am talking about not talking about it.

So let me cut to the chase.

Caffeine runs my household at the moment. I am no longer tired. However, I am so very restless.

I have never so deeply understood the phrase “overly tired.”

My patience level is that of a toddler’s.

You know, the one who starts off the day like a ray of sunshine. Oh, here they come running down the hall like a rabid zoo animal but they are still so cute in their matching pajamas. So, you start making all these plans in your head. We are going to do school work from this time to this time. I am going to make star shaped PB&J on whole wheat bread and make a moon out of mandarine oranges.

But then, the dread hits when you realize your kids are tired of your crap. They just want their normalcy back and you are craving the idea of a routine and a ten minute shower by yourself.

I turn into Cindy Lou Who at the kitchen window singing my own parody to “Where Are You Christmas?”

“Where are your teachers?

Why can’t I send these kids to you?

Why did you go away?”

YES. I have way too much time on my hands.

But I’m here to say that after all that venting, you can do it!

Clean up.

Make your list and get out of the house!

Let your kids play in the mud puddle. Put your ear pods in and find that song that resonates with your soul.

If it’s Hillsong, the Tootsie Roll, or that rap song that would make your mama cry, just do it.

You deserve it.

Take it all in and take it day by day.

This too shall pass Mama.


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