Check on Your Friends:

Today, I found myself losing control of my frustrations. I was on the fast pace track to becoming ill with my children. It is easy to do. Let’s face it, we have been in the house together now for almost a month. I’ve lost track of the days so it could even be longer then that.

Eating the “duck” food before we got there.
Playing with sidewalk chalk

I have three active boys. As a single mom, it isn’t always a walk in the park. Some days I am more patient than others. Other times, I am quick to raise my voice over small things.

I’m only human but I tend to forget that my kids are little humans too. They are just as restless as I am. So check on you friends with kids, especially small children. It is mentally exhausting on a normal day but with all the unknowns that surround us, it seems to be even harder.

We may feel as if we are worlds apart right now but we are all in the same boat. Quit scrolling Facebook and phone a friend. It might be just what you both needed.

My dysfunctional crew all in one picture 💖

3 thoughts on “Check on Your Friends:

  1. As the father, I feel your frustration,. I think my kids are a bit older than yours, but we have our moments too. I’ve found Zoom chats with friends and family to be therapeutic.

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