I believed in what I wanted to see.

I made you out to be someone I knew you could never be.

It came down to the facts
and every time you didn’t have my back.

I lost myself along the way,
while you kept choosing not to stay.

I wish sometimes we could just coexist

But the truth is, I never knew what I missed.

I missed out on a normal life.

I waited around until I had nothing more to hide.

You were someone that I used to know

I have even thought about the things I chose.

The things I did to cope with life
Will never be able to be justified.

There was a time when I dreamed of us growing grey and old.
We would laugh about what we thought the future would hold.

It never ends up the way we like
But I am realizing you were never worth the fight.

I am learning now what loyalty is
And keeping promises while sleeping in the same bed.

One day soon I will know what it is like,
To not tip toe around with everyday being constant fight or flight.

Maybe we would have worked out in another life
But for now I am learning how to change me.

This time it just is not out of spite.

I can happily say, I’m no longer yours’s to hold.

You drowned my soul
And wrecked my peace.

The signs were there.

I just chose not to see.

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