One DIY From a Breakdown

Okay, so we are gonna get a little personal here and it may or may not be partly funny. It could also be more ridiculous than funny.

I love Pinterest and no, that isn’t the funny part.

I think that most women do love it. I mean, who doesn’t want to create their dream house and learn how to remove wrinkles all in one place. The best part is that it’s categorized.


Why does that matter? WELL because my life is not the least bit in order.

One second I am ready to go through every piece of children’s clothing I have bought in the past few years and put them in labeled boxes. The next minute I am back on Pinterest to see if the zipper space bags on LucyLouLovesLiquor,(on the down-low) but chooses Joy, Jellybeans, and Jesus instead, has the Amazon link for the specific ones she bought BUT it isn’t there.

So now I’m totally onto something else. I’m back to square one with three piles of clothes on the bed. I started something that I probably won’t finish…again. So I get frustrated because I hate clutter. So here goes the piles of clothes into black trash bags to be taken to the thrift store and donated. I get them in the trunk of my car and there they stay for a good week.

Now, I am onto this neat “task center/wall” by BettyBakesBread. So I am off to Walmart to look for the corkboards. All of a sudden I remember my trunk is full of clothes. So instead of dropping them off, I throw them back in the house to take later. They’ll stay there until the next clean out and so the cycle continues.

That’s probably just me. I am the most counterproductive person on the face of this Earth.

By this point, I am ready to crawl out of my skin because


So, while I am probably just one DIY project from a breakdown,

LucyLovesLiquor and BettyBakesBread is onto their next project of making a bunt cake look like a bunny and painting the outside of their house with their cool, new, handheld airbrush attachment,

I still need to take my clothes to the thrift store that I have tripped over everyday for a month.

Please tell me that I am not the only one?!

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One DIY From a Breakdown

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