Generation “Smart Phone”

My morning routine is usually always the same. I get up an hour before my kids so I can drink a cup of coffee and try to wake up before the morning chaos begins.

I used to scroll through Facebook while I drank my coffee. Sadly, it is the epitome of past generations reading the daily newspaper.

Maybe that is why I never really heard my grandparents and parents talk about people they didn’t know. There was always the “Small Town Gossiper” but that was really it.

I often times wonder if my childhood would would have been different growing up around a generation of sad people with pretty pictures.

My fondest memories are of times when phones had to be used at home and there was one computer in our home.

My grandparents used to come stay with us a lot growing up.

My Paw Paw would cook breakfast every morning and my Maw Maw would have her warm washcloth ready to wash our faces. We all sat down to eat.

There wasn’t a tv on in the background. Nobody was on a phone. The proof always stays with me and is so much more than a Facebook memory.

We live in a generation where pictures are taken for all the wrong reasons but in all the right places.

Depression is rampant in our society and it has no prejudice, not even the prettiest of faces.

Make memories for yourself and do it alone. There is no need to capture everything on your phone.


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