Never Grow Up

Tiny hands and tiny toes

These are by far the things that matter most.

They hold on tight

But not too close

I will be sad when you don’t need me most.

Your eyes light up when I walk into a room

And as I walk away, you start to cry.

I never knew I would need you more

than you would need me to climb and soar.

You’ve shown me mercy

You’ve taught me grace

Time please slow down, this isn’t a race.

Your tiny hands and tiny toes will one day no longer be mine to hold.

Time will pass and you will grow

I know that’s every mother’s goal.

You will grow up to be tough

Those sweet tiny hands will one day turn rough.

Just remember I loved you first

and without a doubt, my heart will hurt.

If she makes you happy

And she loves you so

I know I will have to let you go.

Be patient with me

I promise the happy will outweigh the sad.

The days will get easier

It won’t be forever hard.

You will make new memories

And one day you will have kids of your own

But I’ll never stop missing your tiny toes.