Childhood Eyes

“I Want to be Like Her” Corrine Hartley

I remember my childhood quite vividly

But I grew up normal

I grew up happy.

Now that I have three children and I am grown,

I realize my mother’s life is a lot like my own.

She was a dreamer

But limited herself for her family.

I watched her dance

I watched her grow

She gave and gave until she had nothing to show.

She didn’t give up

She didn’t cry

But one day she had to changer her stride.

Some people might say it was the wrong move

But she never missed a school party

She never forgot to tie a shoe.

Our lunches were packed with notes

She even sat out our clothes.

I never understood your sacrifice

until I felt it first hand.

I got my strength and drive from you

I learned to dream

You taught me how to keep going too.

I know it feels like a long time ago

But I want you to know

If I could give you something back

I would show you that nothing has changed.

If there ever comes a day when you forget my name

Or you need me just the same

I won’t let you forget who you are

I can’t promise you I won’t cry

But I will forever share with you

I will always try

To remind you of yourself through my childhood eyes.

-To my wonderful mother who has never given up on me.

27 thoughts on “Childhood Eyes

  1. I have never had children, but it seems to me that you have perfectly expressed a mother’s experience.
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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