Bare Bones

It’s something in your bones

You weren’t made the same

It is how you handle everything day to day.

Life has not been kind to you

Life has not been fair

But each day you carry it all

Even if it is too much to bear.

You thought you had to fight empty handed

You thought you could do it on your own.

But this isn’t something you have to do alone.

I know you are lonely

I know you feel like you have nothing to lose

Though something always draws me close to you.

It isn’t gravity

It isn’t lust

It’s something that I know I can trust.

This won’t be easy

It will be quite tough

You’ve lost a lot,

But I want you to know that you are enough.

You are going to get there; I can promise you that much.

You’re made of strength

You’re more than most

Your time is coming.

I know you’ve lost hope

But you’re going to make it

It’s in your bones.

KG <3

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