This was me. I was tired and I was restless. You don’t really think to relate those two words.

When you are tired, you are down but when you are restless, you feel like you are all over the place. These words and feelings should never coincide.

It is like constant fight or flight.

It is never feeling good enough but not wanting to exert the energy to try.

But you see, I’m not actually cursed.

Sometimes my brain and my heart just can not coexist.

In the middle of all this chaos in my life, I am constantly reminded that, after all, I am blessed.

Sometimes I just lose sight of my blessings.

I have three beautiful boys who have all saved me in different ways. Each situation was different and each time was equally as hard.

I am surrounded by people who care about me and who have gathered around to support me every time I made a mistake or any time I did not succeed.

Nonetheless, I am lucky and that is very clear to me.

Writing has become my outlet while going through a few things life has thrown at me.

I’m sure many can relate.

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10 thoughts on “BLESSED + CURSED:

  1. Can completely relate, Sarah. Thank you for this. 🙂 BTW, thanks for the follow on I Write Her. I appreciate it and look forward to reading more of your thoughts as well. Have a nice day!

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