It’s Just Another Manic Mom-Day

"Mom Fatigue" "Quarantine Fatigue" "My fatigue has fatigue" However you want to say it, one of us probably has it.  Being home during this time has been a true blessing in disguise. I have recently had to stop reading every conspiracy theory and article floating around on my News Feed. The pandemic has managed to … Continue reading It’s Just Another Manic Mom-Day


Never Grow Up

Tiny hands and tiny toes These are by far the things that matter most. They hold on tight But not too close I will be sad when you don’t need me most. Your eyes light up when I walk into a room And as I walk away, you start to cry. I never knew I … Continue reading Never Grow Up

Late Bloom

There once was a time When I was yours and you were mine. It doesn't seem like long ago. Sometimes I miss it and others I don't Because some things end when they can't go on. At first I thought it could be fixed But it turns out that was not our niche. You didn't … Continue reading Late Bloom


This was me. I was tired and I was restless. You don’t really think to relate those two words. When you are tired, you are down but when you are restless, you feel like you are all over the place. These words and feelings should never coincide. It is like constant fight or flight. It … Continue reading BLESSED + CURSED:

Moon Walk

When you are feeling small And you feel like there is nowhere left to fall Look up at me and lace the stars Let me intertwine my hands with yours I shine brighter as you tremble The cure is in my shadow You will never truly be yours. Life runs you and I in phases … Continue reading Moon Walk