Generation “Smart Phone”

My morning routine is usually always the same. I get up an hour before my kids so I can drink a cup of coffee and try to wake up before the morning chaos begins. I used to scroll through Facebook while I drank my coffee. Sadly, it is the epitome of past generations reading the […]


Never Grow Up

Tiny hands and tiny toes These are by far the things that matter most. They hold on tight But not too close I will be sad when you don’t need me most. Your eyes light up when I walk into a room And as I walk away, you start to cry. I never knew I […]

Late Bloom

There once was a time When I was yours and you were mine. It doesn’t seem like long ago. Sometimes I miss it and others I don’t Because some things end when they can’t go on. At first I thought it could be fixed But it turns out that was not our niche. You didn’t […]


I believed in what I wanted to see. I made you out to be someone I knew you could never be. It came down to the facts and every time you didn’t have my back. I lost myself along the way, while you kept choosing not to stay. I wish sometimes we could just coexist […]

One DIY From a Breakdown

Okay, so we are gonna get a little personal here and it may or may not be partly funny. It could also be more ridiculous than funny. I love Pinterest and no, that isn’t the funny part. I think that most women do love it. I mean, who doesn’t want to create their dream house […]

Fifth Monday of 2020

I’m from the armpit of the South. We have two seasons in Alabama. Winter and Summer. But there’s a small in between that shows up here and there. It’s my favorite time of the year. SPRING! Today is the first day that it will briefly pass through before the rain comes to stay for a […]

Don't Wait

Why do we compare ourselves to others? That is a simple answer. In 2020, we have access to everyone. All it takes is a simple follow or a click of a button. I used to scroll through Facebook and look at everyone’s family vacation pictures. My kids would be sitting across the room eating their […]

Getting Through My Seperation

My marriage failed. I failed my marriage. I could say it a million different ways but in all reality it all comes down to the same results. I was nineteen when we met. We were married by the time I was twenty-one. We got married in May. We moved into our first home together with […]

A Little Bit More About Penny Mae

“Mental Health isn’t a battle to be won. It is a journey to continue walking.” Lindsay adkinson My first real job was working with children and adolescents at a psychiatric hospital. When I first applied, I thought I would never get the job because I was currently a waitress at a local café. I had […]